Art Exhibits at the AVA in May

New exhibits opening on 6 May at the  AVA in Church St include 3 and a half meters, Replica of Memory and Weird Marriage.


Paint, Masculinity, Power & Violence - an Exhibition by Themba Shibase

Conceptually this exhibition at ErdmannContemporary is a development from Shibase's previous pre-occupation with the idea of dictatorship and self serving leadership.

Rose Korber Art Summer Show 2012-2013

After the huge success of more than two decades of her much anticipated, end-of-the-year Art Salons, this year Rose Korber, looks, at the works of a nucleus of artists, who have appeared on these shows since 1992.

  • Berniece Friedmann

Positive Tension Group Exhibition

Positive Tension at Whatiftheworld / Gallery showcases new work by a diverse group of established and emerging contemporary South African artists.


Mumbo Jumbo at Whatiftheworld

John Dunne's observation that "No man is an island, entire of itself" is generally accepted as the ubiquitous man-island metaphor.


"These Waves" Solo Exhibition by Pierre Fouché

Fouché’s work engages with portraiture, the languorous gaze, domestic photography, and how these intersect with desire.

Making Faces Exhibition at Rose Korber Art

"Making Faces" Exhibition at Rose Korber Art

Making Faces features work by contemporary South African artists who draw on the tradition of portraiture, and is presented in a variety of media from the 1950s to today.


Roger Ballen/Die Antwoord at Photographers Gallery

Roger Ballen/Die Antwoord features photographs from Die Antwoord’s I fink u freeky music video directed by Roger Ballen and Ninja


Ex Nihlo by Maja Maljević

The term ex nihilo, most commonly used in association with concepts of creation of the universe, is a Latin phrase meaning "out of nothing."