Entertainment Art The Effect, an Exhibition by Ghia Human

The Effect, an Exhibition by Ghia Human

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Human’s first art exhibition has no theme or concept as such, the collection is a process, a journey of creative self-discovery, each piece with it’s own story, some more significant than others.

Some of the paintings in the exhibition play with the idea of creating affordable art that appeals to a less conservative art audience, a younger ‘street’ generation. The series of works is in itself an experiment of technique, form, investigating texture and the emotive artistic process.

This aids in abandoning graphic design disciplines used in adverting yet still using strengths developed from it. Even though the principles of applied art and fine art are basically the same, still the objective of design in advertising is to follow a brief and appeal to a target market to sell a product. Human felt the need to revert to a time before studying graphic design, to paint creative pieces purely for aesthetic stimulation.

So begins the journey to break out a previous used ‘execution/technique’ comfort zone and letting go of the controls that enforce sticking to the brief. Simply just doing what comes to mind and what feels right, thus eliminating creative self-doubt. The Effect experiment tries to overcome a feared creative block and find ways to move beyond the tried and tested formula.

Ghia is mostly influenced by Neo and Abstract Expressionism, Pop art, low/new brow; by the works and intriguing personalities of artists, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollack, amongst others and is hugely inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The Effect is on display at Frieda’s on Bree, 15 Bree Street, Foreshore, Cape Town from 7 Jan 2012 – 9 Feb 2012.