Entertainment Art Reflection: (Strips) at blank projects

Reflection: (Strips) at blank projects

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Rodan Kane Hart will temporarily activate the exterior of blank projects from the 5th to the 21st of July 2012.

A recurring theme in Hart’s work is spatial transformation and perception. His previous projects have often attempted to identify, expose and subsequently ‘unpack’ noteworthy ideological constructs underpinning urban forms within many contemporary South African Cities. By using blank project’s closed roller shutter door as a location for his project Reflection: (Strips), Hart will employ a strategy of site specific intervention consisting of an installation of over 200 (1m long by 50mm high) strips of recycled mirror.

These strips will be installed into the groves of two roller shutter doors spanning a total distance of 8 meters and a height of 3 meters. He states; “This ephemeral work seeks to stimulate a heightened emotional response through a distorted reflected experience of the urban life of Woodstock Main Road. It is my hope that this intervention will draw one’s attention to the actions that are responsible for manufacturing space & place”. Presenting a fragmented representation of the surrounding context is a gesture that activates an otherwise non-traditional exhibition space in unexpected ways: the city is no longer just a subject for representation, but now becomes a strategic medium for reflection.