Entertainment Music Review of Watershed's Wrapped in Stone

Review of Watershed's Wrapped in Stone

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Looking at the song titles and listening to the lyrics you realize this is one of those albums you're going to keep for a long, long time.

Wrapped in Stone is one of those CD's that takes pride of place in your collection, one that gets listened to when you're happy or sad.
A musician once told me the secret to a great song isn't complexity, but simplicity. If that is true, then singer and songwriter Craig W. Hinds has done a a truly brilliant job on this album, penning songs about love and life ordinary people can listen and relate to. The lyrics and vocals are clear, the melodies uncomplicated and uplifting for the most part, but sometimes also a little sad. At times the guitar (Light of the Moon) or piano (Closing Down) are the dominant instrument in the song, and sometimes they all combine fluently. Nevertheless the distinct, somewhat melancholy voice of Hinds is always the dominant element, drawing the album together.    

The only "soft" song on the album is "So Far" and only because it sounds too much like a Hooty and the Blowfish song. Apart from that the album is wonderfully original. This is a definite buy for people who enjoy soft rock and feel-good music.

Album Title: Wrapped in Stone
Producer(s): Brian O' Shea
Genre: Accoustic Rock
Label: EMI
Tracks: 12
Favourite Track: How was I to Know
Duration: 56 min 38 sec
Rating: 9/10
Originally Reviewed: 4 Jun, 2003

Track Titles:
1) Lovely Day 2) Light of the Moon 3) Closing Down 4) So Far 5) Hurricane 6) How was I to Know 7) Don't go Changing 8) All I Could Offer 9) Fine Time to Leave 10) Refuse To Move 11) Today 12) Come Home With Me