Barry Hilton - Best of Everything Ever at the Baxter

South African Comic, Barry Hilton, known to all as 'The Cousin', will present his latest show, Barry Hilton B.E.E. - Best of Everything Ever, at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town on 26 and 27 April 2013.


Award-winning Voices Made Night Returns to the Baxter

The Magnet Theatre production Voices Made Night brings the surreal magic of world-renowned Mozambican writer Mia Couto to the Baxter from 28 February to 23 March.


Fugard Theatre Screens Faust

Performed by the Royal Opera Company,  the beautiful Opera Faust will be screened at the Fugard Theatre on Sunday 17 February at 2pm and 6pm.


Chester Missing Roadshow at the Baxter

Chester Missing, South Africa's most famous, contentious political puppet embarks on a national road show which premiers at the Baxter from 14 to 23 February 2013.


ImproGuise Improv Festival at the Kalk Bay Theatre

ImproGuise, players of Cape Town’s longest running and most popular live show, TheatreSports, are planning a full calendar of groundbreaking improv events for 2013.


Work is the Curse of the Drinking Classes

Paris 1899. “If another century began and I was still alive, I think it would be more than the English could stand!”

Niklas Zimmer-450

Kitchen Fables in A Cookie Jar at the Kalk Bay Theatre

Jori Snell's Kitchen Fables in a Cookie Jar combines an intriguing blend of non-verbal storytelling, dance, magical pictures, sound and smell which will capture the imagination of young and old alike.


Face The Music 2 at the Kalk Bay Theatre

Award-winning Follow Spot Productions presents Face The Music 2 - a production to get the whole family into the festive season groove.


Review: Radio Classics at the Baxter

Watching Radio Classics you can’t help but think “It’s such a cool idea. I can’t believe it hasn’t been done before”.