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Another Friggin Tribute Show

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Music obsessive and Duncan Farenheit creator, Pierre Malherbe returns this time as himself in Another Friggin’ Tribute Show, a stand up comedy about the bands and artists that shaped and influenced his life from his earliest recollections.

Directed by Vincent Meyburgh, performances are Wednesday to Saturday at 8:30pm at the Intimate Theatre, 37 Orange Street, Cape Town from 5 to 15 October 2011 (Wednesdays to Saturdays). This new show is a non musical tribute to music (like it says on the tin), which sees Pierre poking endearing fun at the artists and bands that he loves and scathingly attacks the ones he doesn’t.

From singing along to his mother’s Engelbert Humperdink records at the age of four through to his teenage years addicted to Pink Floyd’s The Wall album, Pierre travels down the paths of snobbish music fans, psychotic record store employees, pretentious musos, and clueless radio DJ’s. He also attempts to answer some questions about the difference between a rave and a trance party; why is Mexican singer/songwriter Rodriguez is only known in South Africa (and Australia, apparently); from where did the Springbok Nude Girls really get their name and are drummers musicians? ‘If you can’t play or sing, just talk’, says Pierre.

‘Unfortunately, my love of music is inversely proportionate to my musical ability, so I will pay tribute to my heroes in a stand up style. Vincent Meyburgh who I have known since my days at the University of Cape Town (UCT) Drama School will direct the show. He was the first genuine hippie I had ever met’. Pierre and Vincent are very different actors. In 2008, they started writing a surreal two hander comedy which never saw the light of day, possibly because of conflicting reasons. Vincent was keen to transcend the racial, cultural and spiritual comedy divisions in our society and Pierre wanted to be famous like many of the drama students that graduated with him.

Another Friggin’ Tribute Show brings their differences together again with Vincent, being a keen physical performer, while Pierre is not. But, with a kick in the right direction from Vincent, the show will be a theatrical experience as Pierre does quite a bit of ‘movin’ around! Malherbe is an actor, writer and comedian and since graduating from UCT Drama School in 1993 has worked in theatre, film and television. He has performed at many stand-up comedy clubs around Cape Town, supporting headline acts such as Mel Miller, Nik Rabinowitz, Mark Palmer, David Newton and Martin Davis.

His two one-man comedy shows: Duncan Farenheit’s Acoustic Jam Sandwich and Duncan Farenheit and the Lank Tired Okes were well received. Another Friggin’ Tribute Show is his first one man show of straight stand up material. Vincent (Vinny) Meyburgh is artistic director of Jungle Theatre Company, an organization that produce and workshop original, educational plays for children, to create environmental awareness. ‘I first worked with Pierre as a guest on his two previous one man shows, playing a comedy song during one of Pierre’s costume changes,’ says Vinny. ‘When Pierre offered me the task of directing Another Friggin’ Tribute Show, I leapt at the opportunity as I admire Pierre’s work and love the hilarity of his writing.’

Venue: Intimate Theatre, Orange St, Cape Town. Tel: 078 616 4658.
Time: Wed - Sat @ 8:30pm
Price: Tickets cost R60 and students R45.
Performances: 5 - 15 Oct 2011
Genre: Comedy