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Our daily Cape Town weather report is updated twice a day.  For an extended weather report for planning your activites or holiday in Cape Town, scroll down and look at our 10 Day Weather Forecast for Cape Town.

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Weather in Cape Town is moderate all year round, with warm, pleasant summers and cool winters. During winter ( June - August) temperatures in Cape Town rarely (if ever!) fall below 0 and snow is a rareity, although on rare occasisions there has been a little snow found on top of Table Mountain. The mountains around Ceres, a farming village about 150 km from Cape Town are more prone to snow during winter and proves a great family outing.

September the 1st marks the first day of spring, although colder days and rain are not uncommon at this time. Temperatures in Cape Town gradually increase during October and November, with the hottest summer days typically reaching 34 to 35 degrees in the Summer months of December, January and February. In December the population of Cape Town nearly doubles as most of the schools around South Africa close and many local holiday makers make their way to Cape Town from Johannesburg and other cities. Many international tourists, predominantly from Europe and North America also visit Cape Town during this time, and traffic jams from the top of Kloofnek down to Camps Bay are not uncommon on warm summer afternoons.

After the madness of summer holidays, Cape Town returns to normal towards the end of January as most children go back to school. Some locals might even say the weather in Cape Town is at it's best during February and March as the temperatures cool down ever so slightly, although one still needs to contend with strong South Easterly wind, nicknamed the "Cape Doctor" by locals.