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Great Apes Release Debut Album

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The Great Apes play heavy, dirty, sexy rock n roll and they play it loud. Their live shows are frenetic and they are heavy-weight contenders for the best live act of 2012.

The Great Apes are releasing their first album with a tour from Cape Town to Splashy Fen via Joburg and Pretoria.

To do the raw, high-octane energy of the band’s live show justice, The Great Apes have opted to track the album live. To do this the band travelled to Ladismith to work with Jo Ellis at Blooroom Studios where they blitzed through each muscular song on the eight-track record in just two days – followed by a minimal session of adding overdubs and textures.

In keeping with the attitude of the recording, The Great Apes have hand-made the album-covers using lino prints of artwork they themselves designed.

A limited edition run of five hundred copies will be available at shows on the tour, each cover a unique specimen.