Entertainment Special Events Help Save The Elephants!

Help Save The Elephants!

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The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and Artjamming are partnering up to hold a two day public event in a plight to help save elephants from the ivory trade.

This event will be held at Cape Towns Cavendish Square shopping centre on Wednesday the 11th and Thursday the 12th of July. Celebrities and kids aged 5 to 12 from all communities, including the kids from ĎReach for a Dreamí will be coming to this fun event in which they will participate in a 2day Artjamming paint-a-thon, culminating in an auction of items created by them. Animal Action started in South Africa eight years ago and is the largest animal welfare event for youth in the world.

In 2012 Animal Actionís focus grew on elephants and in particular the need to save elephants from the ivory trade. Using educational materials this programme will introduce young people to the challenges facing animals, people and the world. Artjamming known as the home of paintertainment will be brightening up this event for the kids in an exciting and creative way by allowing them to freely express themselves, making use of various shapes and colours in conjunction with music. The aim of this event is to get students actively involved in protecting animals and the environment, to educate and inform young people about animals, their habitats and their role in the world and to encourage them to become directly involved in promoting actions, attitudes, and policies that create a better world for animals and people.

IFAWís project will also serve as the launch event for an IFAW Kidís Club. On day 1 children from all over Cape Town will be invited to create a painting in an artjamming session, at no cost. The paintings will be used as a backdrop for the next session on day 2. On day 2 50 children that entered the online competition will paint 10 doors together with celebrity guests. These doors will serve as a constant reminder of the threats facing elephants.The doors will then be auctioned at a cocktail party later that evening and the funds raised will be used by IFAW in its activities to protect elephants.