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Flying Kites With Boys

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Flying Kites With Boys is a pop musical story that follows the life of a 17 year old young woman, Myra, and the four men in her life - her father, best friend, fiancé and her hip hop music idol.

Through dance and songs the audience will find themselves immersed in Myra’s journey as she is thrust into adulthood, prematurely by a personal tragedy. Her journey told with the help of music, is one of tears, laughter and discovering who she truly is.

Those close to director Tendayi Nyeke would testify that the play has their names written all over it and that would be true as the story was inspired by a combination of her own experiences, those of friends and family. Through Myra’s story, the play poses a question to women, one that maybe a lot of men would want an answer for! Why is it that when a guy hurts you, they all start to look the same?

Nyeke chose to set the play in a different environment as a way of promoting theatre-going culture; a culture that is less prevalent among the youth. Plays in a non-theatrical setting is a risky- approach in the modern times we live in but for Tendayi Nyeke, settings such as these will allow myself and other directors out there to take plays to remote areas of South Africa where the notion of theatre is non-existent and hopefully in so doing, provide an education whilst delivering entertainment to the less privileged,” she explains, "I want to be a part of changing the perception that theatre is confined to a building but that it is a tool to explore, past, present, future, real or imagined states of being in an entertaining way, no matter the setting."

The play’s new cast includes Tendayi Nyeke herself who will be taking on the role of the leading lady and Lwazi Ziqubu who is passionate about the arts and theatre. If going to theatre at an out-of-the box venue was one of the things on your bucket list, then do not miss this play!

Venue: African Trading Port, Waterfront. Tel: 072 545 5629
Price: R80
Performances: 28 - 31 July 2011.
Genre: Theatre