Entertainment Theatre "Who are you calling an Idiom?" at the Milnerton Playhouse

"Who are you calling an Idiom?" at the Milnerton Playhouse

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What do you do when you are thrice divorced and “Mr Right” seems elusive?

When our ditsy, confused, character walks around in her dressing gown, depressed about her failed divorces, mother comes to the rescue and offers to pay for her to go on a round the world trip to find “Mr Right”.

Who are you calling an Idiom is in two acts and created and performed by Selma Darling. The show opens with a stand up comedy piece entitled ‘Smirnoff’, where Selma uses all the well-known liquor brands with idioms twisted out of context. She then searches her soul and discovers she was born to be the wife of ‘An Old Fashioned Millionaire’. This is followed by the song ‘I Can Cook Too’ and another stand up comedy routine where she gets hopelessly drunk while giving a recipe to the audience. She ends Act 1 asking the audience in song ‘To Wish Me Luck’.

Act 2 opens with a song & dance routine when her character arrives by plane ‘On the Amazon’. She then jets off again to the orient and invites us to ‘Come to the Supermarket in Old Peking’. Her travels then take her to Italy (‘When in Rome’) and France (‘Aprez Moi’) but then she becomes disillusioned with her search for Mr Right singing ‘Where is Love’. She then goes home where she falls in love with a deaf man and sings a moving song while at the same time spelling out the words in sign language. The show ends hilariously with her, as a very pregnant bride, singing ‘Wish Me Luck’.

The production will be performed in the Playhouse foyer in Pienaar Rd, Milnerton, on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 September & Friday 5 and Saturday 6 October.

Tickets are R80 and includes chicken & rice supper before the show @ 19.30 & coffee and doughnuts at interval

Bookings are open: Phone: 082 267 1061/e-mail: bookings @milnertonplayers.com