Entertainment Theatre Review: FBPK at the Kalk Bay Theatre

Review: FBPK at the Kalk Bay Theatre

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Imagine this: You take a scooter ride through town during a howling south easter, get blown into a wall and break your leg in two places.

Oh and you don't have medical aid and end up in a state hospital.

Funny? No I didn't think so. But it actually happened to Martin Evans - and he used the experience as the basis for 90 minutes of gut busting laughter in his new show FBPK at the Kalk Bay Theatre.

His routine starts off with a rather detailed overview of the scooter industry - the models available in SA vs the USA, Italian vs Chinese scooters, two stroke and four stroke engines and performance enhancing exhaust pipes. Again, not something I would have thought could be a particularly funny topic. But like all great comedians Martin has that unique ability to look at a perfectly ordinary experience - or even a tragedy  - find the humour in it and then entertain audiences for an hour and a half.

For example, think of the following Afrikaans words "Apie van der Berg", "Sakkie de Kok" and "Humansdorp". Really not words that would make you laugh out loud, but in the mouth of Martin Evans...

Moving on from his experience in a state hospital and new found love for morphine, Martin takes us through a year of his live in a wheelchair, what happens when you have a terabyte of pornography and cooking like a hipster.

But perhaps the highlight of the show is his experiences growing up with Afrikaners - especially the one where he goes hunting wearing a green adidas tracksuit and his Afrikaans friend remarks "Martin, I can see why you got so many PK's growing up".

And the PK is something Martin describes in great detail - the size of the Afrikaans hand, motion, speed, the fact that no one has actually seen a PK - and when a PK is delivered to a non-Afrikaans  person, they are imprinted with a basic understanding of the language.

Then of course there's the RPK (Running PK) and the FBPK (Full Body PK).

And if you're still wondering what the hell a PK is, get down to the Kalk Bay Theatre and let Martin explain it to you. He would do a much better job than I could.

FBPK has an age restriction of 16+ and runs at the Kalk Bay Theatre until the 25th of November.  Shows are Wednesdays to Saturdays at 8:30pm and on Sundays at 8:00pm. Tickets are R95.

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