Towerbosch Earth Kitchen Warms Op With One Pot Winter Wonders

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Towerbosch earth kitchen at Knorhoek Wine Estate is cooking up heart warming winter comfort food with a new wholesome Soup & Bredie Menu on offer until the end of August.

This ‘blues-busting’ lunch menu on offer from Wednesdays till Saturdays in addition to the restaurant’s normal a la carte menu, will change on a daily basis depending on the mood and homemade pantry supplies of chef duo Westley Müller and Carmen van der Merwe. Their country soups and bredies will take you back to granny’s kitchen on cold rainy days infused with all those nostalgic tastes and textures. Tuck into the rustic Soup of the Day followed by a wholesome, slow-cooked stew served with a glass of the estate’s playful Two Cubs Cape style red blend – all for just R90 per person.

The concept of ‘down-to-earth’ takes on a magical charm at Towerbosch, where unpretentious food defines an enchanting haven of old-fashioned culinary bliss. Guests can tuck into bowls of country goodness when Towerbosch lifts the lid on soup sensations such as roasted cherry tomato, Malay spice cauliflower, red lentil, home smoked haddock and chunky pea and ham. One pot bredie wonders include authentic green bean, oxtail in red wine, tomato, lamb curry, a ‘drunk’ chicken coq au vin and a venison ragout.

On Sunday’s Towerbosch, surrounded by a forest and stream, lights the fire for their Asado lunch which is especially popular amongst families with children of all ages. This al fresco, open braai next to the rock pool, is typical of the laid-back ‘Argentinean style braai which starts with empanada (filled pastries) on arrival followed by fresh breads and a myriad of succulent meat from the open fire served on big platters with delicious accompaniments including fat-roasted potatoes, cinnamon ‘soet pampoen’, slaphakskeentjies (pickled onions) and tomato and onion salad. 

“We pride ourselves in ‘salt-and-pepper’ food bursting with natural flavours. Simple, slow cooked, traditional family meals served on big platters where everyone can help themselves to a delicious selection of heritage fare at their own table,” shares Westley.

“For us it is all about creating a memorable meal, built on the passion and vision of people who love the way they live and want to share it with you. Towerbosch takes you back to a nostalgic, old school dining experience of a lost era in South Africa,” adds Carmen.

The Sunday Asado lunch costs R165 per head.

Reservations, especially for the Soup & Bredie indulgences, are essential. To book your table contact Tel: (021) 865 2958