Spotlight on Joburg Bar

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It's rather ironic that perhaps the best place to reflect Cape Town's diversity and vibrancy is called Joburg.

Asked who comes to Joburg, manager Simon Smith shrugs and says, "Anything and anyone from 18 to 75." Walking into the bar, take the time to admire the photographs along the wall - each year a different photographer's work is showcased - then look at installation of old mine props above. Look up at the ceiling and you'll see a magnificent silver three dimensional rendering of the Joburg skyline. And at the back of the bar you'll see a giant nude of Bart Simpson proudly displaying his unmentionables.

Joburg consists of three main areas. The rectangular front area is a comfy, traditional pub, sporting a long dark wood bar on the left, with comfortable seating along the wall on the right. A small stage at the back is home to dj's Off Switch, Boogieman, Charl, Trouble and Honey-B, who play an eclectic range of music during the week, while live bands perform over the weekends.

Heading to the back of the bar you can either go straight to the pool table area - be sure to keep your sunglasses ready for the brightly coloured settee in the corner - or turn left to the second bar area, which runs parallel to the first. Here you will find a more intimate, rustic bar with bare brick walls, bar stools, tables and wood sculptures.

Joburg is open Mondays to Thursday from 5:00pm, Fridays from 4:00pm, Saturdays from 2:00pm and Sundays from 7:00pm.  A door charge is only enforced on Sundays and ranges from R20 to R40, depending on the musicians playing. For more info call (021) 422 0142.