Entertainment Music RAMfest 2013: Cape Town 7- 10 March

RAMfest 2013: Cape Town 7- 10 March

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RAMfest, South Africa’s biggest annual Alternative Music Festival, will host three outstanding international bands as the headlining acts for the 2013 concert: Rise Against (USA) , British Metalcore band Bring Me The Horizon and Paul Harding en Ben Verse from Pendulum (Australia and England).

RAMfest will be touring 4 cities
Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and PE. Rise Against and Bring Me The Horizon’s performances include RAMfest Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, while Pendulum DJ Set and Verse will be performing in all 4 cities. There are two different concerts in Durban, so fans must be aware of the exact line-up before purchasing tickets. The internationals, except for Pendulum DJ Set and Verse, will not be performing in PE.

Rise Against ( RAMFest Cape Town, Joburg, Durban)
American punk rock band, Rise Against's first two albums “The Unraveling” (2001) and “Revolutions per Minute” (2003) met with considerable underground success. Their major label debut “Siren Song of the Counter Culture” brought the band mainstream success, producing several successful singles. The two albums after that, “The Sufferer and the Witness” and “Appeal to Reason”, respectively debuted at number ten and number three on the Billboard 200 Chart.

Bring Me The Horizon (RAMfest Cape Town, Joburg, Durban)
Bring Me the Horizon have won 3 Kerrang Awards - one in 2007 for Best British Newcomer, the second in 2011 for Best Album for “There Is A Hell...”, and most recently the 2012 award for Best British Video for “Alligator Blood”. They were officially the biggest band on MySpace UK for 2011 and have over 3.4 million fans on Facebook. Their official Youtube videos have received over 50 million views

Pendulum (RAMfest Cape Town, Joburg, Durban and PE)
After the success of their performance at RAMfest 2010, Paul Harding en Ben Verse from Pendulum (Australia and England) will also be returning to perform at RAMfest 2013.

7 -10 March: RAMfest Cape Town - Circle of Dreams, Riviersonderend

Main Stage: Rise Against, Bring Me the Horizon, Jack Parow, Van Coke Kartel, Goodnight Wembley, The Black Cat Bones, Beast, Fuzigish, Woodstock Mafia, Dead Alphabet and others.

Alternative Stage: Facing the Gallows, Haggis and Bong, Juggernaut, All Will Fall, Four A Penny, Marching Dead, Pestroy and Chromium

Electronic Stage: Pendulum DJ Set and Verse, Niskerone, Sideshow, Veranda Panda, Hyphen, Das Kapital, Sibot, P.H.FAT, Tommy Gun and many more.

Boom Stage: The Ratrod Cats, The Man Motels, Love Glory Pyrotechnics, Crimson House Blues, Holiday Murray, Andy Lund, The Very Wicked, Sons of Settlers, Tailor, Black Handed Kites and many more.