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Discover the Cape Meander - Fresh Produce on the Meander

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Elgin Valley

  • Blueberries at The Valco
    Fresh and frozen berries all produced in the Overberg region are on sale from The Valco.
  • Eric Todd Sauces
    Eric Toddís delicious sauces are made using fruit and chillies from his own crop. A passion turned into a small business, Eric Toddís sauce is growing a cult following!
  • Oak Valley Estate Gourmet Meats
    Oak Valley offers a selection of free range meats from calves raised in Oak Valleyís own open pastures of clovers and grass. Rather famous for their acorn-fed pigs too.
  • Peregrine Farm Stall
    Peregrine Farm Stall is crammed with everything, from local produce and healthy snacks to deli foods, wines and teas.
  • The Orchard
    The Orchard is a landmark stop for travellers along the N2, known for its delicious coffee and baked treats. A large stretch of lawn and some play equipment means itís a great place to stop and let the little ones stretch their legs.


  • Barton Vineyards
    Barton Vineyards serves Mission olives as table olives and olive oil blends made from Frantoia, Lechino, Coratina and Mission olives. Barton honey, also sold at the farm, is harvested from the beehives found amongst the Fynbos.


  • Doreenís Vleisprodukte
    Doreenís offers everything from biltong to cold meats and meat cuts.


  • Concordia Cheeses
    Concordia Cheeses is a small home industry that makes a variety of cheeses from fresh farm milk and other local ingredients. Cheeses include plain Cheddar and Gouda, Cheddar pepper, Cheddar Italian mix, Cheddar sweet pepper, Cheddar chilli and Cheddar sage, amongst others.
  • Dasberg Olives
    Dasberg offers a selection of olive products made from mission and manzenila olives.


  • Feast de Renaissance
    Feast de Renaissance offers a bottled range of hand crafted fruit sauces, relishes, coulis and accompaniments.
  • The Oaks @ Stettyn Farm Stall
    The Oaks @ Stettyn is a new Farm Stall selling delicious farm produce from the Bossieveld with homemade bread on Fridays.


  • Dolcezze Cheese Straws
    Dolcezze makes and sells handmade cheese straws using all natural ingredients.


  • Bakgat Pottery
    Bakgat Pottery makes pottery goods for cookery and food storage, as well as a range of sauces.
  • Heilfontein Honey
    Heilfontein produces Blue Gum and Fynbos honey from local beehives.