Entertainment Theatre Magnet Theatre 2011 Summer Season of New Work

Magnet Theatre 2011 Summer Season of New Work

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The Magnet Theatre is proud to announce a summer season of 3 brand new works created by young people which will be seen for the first time on The Magnet stage.

Greg January wants out, but he knows he has a debt to pay. It is a simple job, a 1-2-3, a break-in, or so Jimmy Gladdevingers thinks. A gun, a poodle, a drunken old lady, a white BMW, a girl called Merryl – is jy bang? Meet us at the Kragbox! The first production, Kragbox, developed by Ephraim Gordon (System Dop, Blood:Shot, Die Vreemdeling, finalist 2011 Class Act), DJ Mouton (Die Vreemdeling and Ek Sien ‘n Man) and Frances Marek (Boy who Fell from the Roof and Die Vreemdeling) assisted by Magnet Theatre’s Mark Fleishman and Jennie Reznek. Kragbox is creative, challenging and young.

Performances are Tuesday 29, Wednesday 30 November and Thursday 1 December 2011 at 20h00 each night. Tickets are R50. Discounts are available.

Through the Window
This is the first foray of the newly graduated Magnet Theatre trainees as young professionals. These workshopped plays were developed as part of the training, but is also a gift from Magnet to the trainees and work that they can continue to develop and perform after they have left. Using the skills and training acquired over the 2 years with Magnet, the trainees tell stories reflecting their own lives and obsessions, and the challenges they face in contemporary urban living.

As always with Magnet’s work the themes are interpreted through the physical skill and language of the body, affirming the ability of the human spirit to transcend crisis. This production is directed by Faniswa Yisa and Jennie Reznek and the cast of eight include Noxolo Bodlani, Lusanda Dayimani, Kay-Lee Esterhuizen, Maggie Fernando, Sipho Mahlatshana, Aphiwe Menziwa, Nolufefe Ntshuntshe, Thembekile Komani. Production manager is Sherna Botto.

Performances are on Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 December 2011 at 20h00. Tickets cost R40. Discounts are available.

Far From Home
This is a double bill of two newly created works from recent UCT graduates. In the first production, Private Nightmares, the walls of an old house contain a young couple and a long kept secret. A persistent dreamer, the woman is lead by a series of hallucinations to the unearthing of this secret as well as a bitter truth. Private Nightmares explores, through fiction, the ideas of the home as a container of memory; truth and perception, and the sudden reawakening of unsettled histories. In a landscape woven by text, music and movement, the unfolding of this story exposes how space can absorb the traumas of the people living in it and that, overnight, their history and experiences can be conjured in a dream by a jolting incident.

The themes of nightmares, ghosts of the past are explored by the talented Daniel Richards, Sarah Potter and Steve Norman. Featuring Steve Norman, Sarah Grace Potter and Daniel Richards Private Nightmares is written and directed by Thenjiwe Stemela.

The second play (The Voyage of ) Klein Adam en die Kaptein is the journey of Klein Adam who has left home one last time to sell seashells in the city. His childish confidence leads him to seek shelter in the mountain after sunset. In the mountain he experiences a near death encounter with the spirit of an aggrieved giant. The prehistoric beast sends him on an oceanic quest that will without any doubt put Adam’s pluck to the test. The boy cannot succeed single-handedly and must seek the guidance of a retired, ‘not-so-sober’ sea captain. The intrepid pair set sail to brave the elements in search of a highly coveted treasure. There is no turning back.

(The Voyage of) Klein Adam en Die Kaptein is a story about the youthful adventurer’s quest for knowledge and independence as well as his faith in providence despite the corrupted influence of old authority. (The Voyage of) Klein Adam en die Kaptein is a story told through a combination of Afrikaans and English rhyme mime and comic book style storytelling. The show was designed to entertain and is best enjoyed with a wide open grin. Directed by Richard September who together with Ryno Keet form the cast in this production. Sherna Botto is production manager. Performances are Tuesday 13, Wednesday 14, and Thursday 15 December 2011 at 20h00. Tickets are R50.

Discounts are available. Contact Margie on 021 448 3436 or book on line www.webtickets.co.za

The Magnet Theatre is located at the Old Match Factory, Corner Lower Main and St Michaels Road, Observatory, Cape Town.

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