Entertainment Theatre Hypnopompic, Physical Theatre at the Arena

Hypnopompic, Physical Theatre at the Arena

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Hypnopompic is a new physical theatre production produced and performed by the Israeli-born South African Amit Raz with direction by Craig Leo.

Hypnopompic describes the state of semi-consciousness preceding waking. In this physical theatre performance, the hypnopompic state is expressed through a multi-disciplinary performance work using dance and puppetry, taking the audience on a journey through the many layered and magical world of a sleeper's dreams. The piece starts with the performer drifting off to sleep in his bed which becomes an ever-changing landscape.

The set is designed by architect Amir Gazit, and is constructed according to parametric design, using parameters to define various forms that represent the different states of dream and its attendant motifs in the production. Innovative choreographic devices explore universal dream themes of flight and being chased, of eroticism and nightmare. Stylised puppets, created by Amit Raz and Craig Leo emerge from the bed as archetypal visitors to the sleeper.

Contemporary dance elements are brought together by choreographer Ananda Fuchs with physical theatre to reveal the sleeperís confrontation with his deep fears surrounding self-image, power and women.

Hypnopompic runs from 17 to 22 January 2012 at 20:00 at the Arena Theatre on Hiddingh Campus on Orange Street. Tickets cost R75 at the door or at Masala Dosa Restaurant. For info and credit card sales call 082 320 8199. Please note that due to content there is a PG18 on this production. The production is sponsored by Masala Dosa Restaurant in Long Street.

Hypnopompic is written and produced by Amit Raz with select dialogue by Brent Meersman. Directed by Craig Leo.

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