Entertainment Theatre Review: Money's Too Tight To Mention

Review: Money's Too Tight To Mention

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I’ve always enjoyed Stuart Taylor’s shows and he certainly doesn’t disappoint in Money’s Too Tight to Mention.

Taylor is a very charismatic performer and has a wonderful ability to relate to and engage with audiences as a peer and not a comedian telling jokes to an audience. In his newest show, directed by Heinrich Reisenhofer, Stuart addresses a topic many of us can relate to: Keeping up with the neighbours and getting into debt.

Overextending yourself and losing your possessions is certainly not something to laugh about but Stuart, through his own experiences as a child and adult, tells it in such a way that we can’t help laughing about it - and wonder why it wasn’t so funny when it happened to us. From having better clothes or shoes then your friends at school, getting that third credit card you really don’t need (or can afford!) to renovating your house to keep up with the Jones’, Taylor covers them all… Not to mentioning raising your own kids!

If you’re in a financial pickle, Money’s Too Tight to Mention is better than debt counseling and if you’re not, it’s still a fantastic comedy show.

Money’s Too Tight to mention is on at the Baxter Theatre from 18 Jan to 4 February. Performances are Wed - Sat @ 8:00pm and ticket prices are R85 – R100.

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