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Michael Richard stars in New York comedian Steve Solomonís one man show ďMy Motherís Italian, My fatherís Jewish and Iím in Therapy" at Theatre on the Bay.

The title describes the show perfectly and the set is as one would imagine a therapistís office to be Ė a comfortable leather sofa, large wooden bookcase filled with old volumes, a desk and old piano. The entire show takes place in the therapistís office while Richard nervously waits for his session to being. He wears the role very comfortably and effortlessly portrays a middle aged man suffering the various neurosis the audience would imagine he would have after being ďintroducedĒ to his elderly parents.

Itís a very well written one-man show. The monologue flows elegantly and transitions effortlessly between sketches, as Richard regales the audience with anecdotes and impersonations of his mother, father, previous shrinks and other people in his life.

The show is a slow burner and amusing Ė it gets regular laughs from the audience - but is not sidesplittingly funny.

My Motherís Italian, My fatherís Jewish and Iím in Therapy is on at Theatre on the Bay Tue - Fri @ 8:15pm / Sat @ 6.00pm & 8:15pm until the 10th of March. Tickets are R80 Ė R120.

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