Entertainment Theatre Review of Just Business at Artscape

Review of Just Business at Artscape

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Who's the sleaziest: The hit man, the strip club owner or the wannabe BEE partner?

You'll find yourself asking that question often during this devilishly funny caper about corruption in South Africa.

The play opens with Hannes van Wyk (Andre Jacobs) dressed in a shiny gray suit that screams "scumbag" busy digging his own grave while hit man Mr September (Kurt Egelhof) looks on, revolver and video camera in hand. With death looming, Van Wyk furiously wheels, deals pleads and lies to extricate himself from the predicament he is in. September, however, believes his profession is very honourable indeed - with an assassins club house, guest speakers and best practices - and a contract is a contract, after all. It's just business, one could say. But will a briefcase filled with two million rand change things?

Mbulelo Grootboom as Mabuso, the BEE hopeful, is the third member of the cast and often steals the limelight with his bling red outfits - and scenes with his white blowup doll girlfriend Suzie. One of the highlights of the show is undoubtedly his imaginary auction of BEE partners to the highest bidders.

Scenes are short and tight, with soundbites of  songs relevant to each scene played as transitions to the next. The play cleverly alternates between scenes featuring Van Wyk and September with solo scenes of Grootboom and the three actors only appear together as the play reaches a climax.

Just Business is a very accessible play, easy to watch and will appeal to a wide range of theatregoers. A shade over an hour long, the show goes by very quickly - indicative of a good script, tight direction and great cast.

Just Business is on at the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town Tuesdays at 19h30 and from Wednesdays to Saturdays at 20h15 until  28th July. Tickets range from R50 to R85

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