Entertainment Theatre Ninetiesmania at the Roxy Revue Bar

Ninetiesmania at the Roxy Revue Bar

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Ninetiesmania is another fast-paced musical from Mike McCullagh and a celebration of all things 1990s.

Central to the show is Manny Herman, car mechanic by day and singer by night, who lightheartedly introduces the audience to many of the innovations, events, fashions and sounds of the period via screen projected images.Relive the release of Nelson Mandela, the invention of audio CDs and DVDs, the demise of video cassettes, the advent of cell phones and SMS texting for the first time, the Internet,email, zany fashions and South Africa winning its first Rugby World Cup.

Showgoers can expect to be entertained with one hit after the other from 90s artists such as the king of pop Michael Jackson, Queen with their outrageous frontman Freddie Mercury, Madonna, Roxette, Nirvana, country star Shania Twain, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, Bon Jovi, MC Hammer, Alanis Morrisette, Vanilla Ice, Boyz to Men and The Spice Girls to name a few. 90ís dance crazes are explored including the hilarious Macarena.  And being an interactive show, the audienceís own dance skills will be tested.

Heading the cast of vocalists is show host Jonathan Dreyer also known as John E, Riyaan Cornelius, Bethany Dickson and Angela Inglis. The band comprises keyboardist and vocalist Kyle Pietersen, lead guitarist Warren Lomberg, bassist Neil Payton and drummer Darren Pietersen.

The show runs from Friday 31 August through to 3 November, every Wednesday to Saturday at the GrandWest Roxy Revue Bar. Doors open at 20h00 and the curtain rises at 20h30.  Tickets are available from Computicket at R78.00.