Entertainment Theatre Athol Fugard's Sorrows and Rejoicings

Athol Fugard's Sorrows and Rejoicings

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Athol Fugard's poignant love-story on South Africa tells about hope for a better future while dealing with the "sorrows of the past" and the "dreams of rejoicings" of the future.

It explores the legacy of Apartheid and the effect it has on the lives of a white Afrikaner poet that faces a banning order and the three women in his life: his white liberal English wife, his coloured housemaid and his daughter he had with the latter. He had to leave the two coloured women behind when he relocated to London.

The setting is a Karoo village: hot, dry and drought-stricken at times. The family stinkhout table plays an important part in the lives of those that grew up and love the old Karoo homestead. The action moves between the past and present, reliving the poet's life in exile and his eventual return to a new South Africa.

Directed by Mari Mocke, with special set design by local artist Jenny Merritt, also specially composed flute music by Ruthette du Toit, the play stars Willie Sass as the Afrikaans poet Dawid Olivier that goes in exile with his English speaking wife Allison, portrayed by Bernie Jacobs, with Verity Vass as the housemaid Marta and mother of Dawid's illegitimate child Rebecca, played by Phoebe Snayer.

Fugard's "Sorrows and Rejoicings" premiéred in May 2001 in Princeton, NJ and was performed in South Africa in August of the same year at the Baxter Theatre. The play deals with adult issues and has strong language in it.

Venue: Milnerton Playhouse, Milnerton. Tel: (021) 557-3206.
Time: 8:15pm
Price: R40
Performances: 28 Mar - 5 Apr 2008
Genre: Drama