Entertainment Theatre You Can't Be Serious with Nik Rabiowitz

You Can't Be Serious with Nik Rabiowitz

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Nik Rabinowitz returns to the Baxter in December for his sixth solo show

This promises to be a stand-up tour de farce, which is like that French bicycle race, only with no bicycles, and less French and more jokes. So nothing at all like that bicycle race. But, thanks to the generosity of the ANCYL and other comedians in government, he has had access to some of his best raw material yet. Thanks guys...

The process has been tough, which is why Nik has a factory of 11-year-old kids in his comedy sweatshop in Limpopo hard at work, day and night, crafting his fart jokes and one-liners. He set them up, now they give him the punchlines.

In South Africa, we often find ourselves saying things like, ‘You must be joking Helen!’ or ‘Don’t talk [email protected] Faizel!’ or ‘You can’t be Serious Nik!’ - the latter being a phrase often used by Nik’s mother-in-law in response to almost anything he says.

This show is about the flabbergasting events in 2010 that made us go ‘hawu!’, ‘yhu!’, and ‘yorr my bru!’  Says Nik: "My Father always said my Mother didn't like to spoil a good story for the truth, but this material is entirely based on fact. Just ask my Mum”.

The show even has a serious message, because contrary to popular belief, Nik is actually quite a serious guy. For example, he even owns and operates a professional hedgehog-racing league in Mossel Bay. OK technically they aren’t hedgehogs, they’re ystervarkies, but they’re kosher so it’s cool. Almost everyone in comedy is featured, from headliner Juju Malema, to Peter de Villiers to a getaway horse, Bernard from Bonteheuwel. A getaway horse? You can’t be serious

Venue: Baxter Theatre, Main Rd, Rondebosch. Tel: (021) 680 3989
Time: Tue - Fri @ 8:15pm; Sat @ 6:00pm & 8:30pm. NYE @ 9:30pm
Price: R100 - R120. (New Year's Eve R170)
Performances: 7 Dec 2010 - 8 Jan 2011
Genre: Comedy