Entertainment Art June Exhibitions at the AVA

June Exhibitions at the AVA

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Painting by Karen Cronje
The Duality Of Remembering And Forgetting, a group exhibition in the Main Gallery, features artworks by Corlie de Kock, Sandra Hanekom and Madelein Marincowitz. The common thread woven through each of these artists work is the compulsive and obsessive fastidiousness in which they create detailed images.

We Hope You Enjoyed Your Visit by Colin Payne employs the Long Gallery. Payne is drawn to graphic media in popular culture. Simple, clean and often colourful forms have a commanding effect on him. Payne presents works in plastic gold, oil painting paint-by-numbers, and landscape paintings exploding in flat colour: each piece is either inspired by classical art subjects or museum relics and plays with the contemporary way in which they are produced. He also really does hope that you enjoy your visit.

Karen Cronje presents Amanuensis, a collection of sketchbook images in the Artstrip. "These works are taken from my personal sketchbooks. Originally intended as a daily sketchbook and an exploration of ideas for later artworks, they have (since the first in 1998) taken on many different permutations and a life of their own. The results reflect a process that incorporates found images, and objects and photographs that I collect on a daily basis. They are about manual labour and possessiveness and repetition, and reflect thoughts and tangents based on what is generally garnered and appropriated from mass media - war, nuclear experiments, fairy tales and falsehoods," Cronje says.

Francis Burger and Christian Nerf's generative installation And Not But has been extended for a second run with added elements of sound, film, text, painting and sculpture. Propelled by the emergence of a recurring form and following a recording experiment led by musician and inventor Brendon Bussy, And Not But is inviting attempts at teaching a sculpture to talk, listen, see and be seen. Leading up to a collaborative book project titled Unbecoming, And But Not is an optimistic glossarium of ideas, objects, shapes and feelings - part teaching machine, part epiphanic fold.