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Habitat at Grand Provence

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Habitat showcases new work by prominent South African artist, Brahm van Zyl.

In this exhibition, large scale cityscapes are placed in direct contrast with the landscapes and architecture of the Karoo, reminiscent of the communities that occupied and still occupy these historical sites, creating an additional socio-political reference.

Van Zyl has developed a remarkable connection with the historic South African landscape through the research and observation necessary for his accurate and affecting portrayal of the surroundings that inspire and reveal his understanding and awareness of the contemporary term 'Land Art'. He describes this group of paintings and drawings as a portrayal of the ideas that he nurtures and feeds off as an artist who occupies this strange but beautiful world.

Donna McKellar presents a body of work ranging from miniature to large scale landscape paintings, which will be exhibited in 'The Project Room' and 'Cathedral'. Donna has previously described her artistic style as 'Romantic realism' but a significant change in her life has led her to explore a more post-modern understanding of living, which emphasises the fragmented, often distorted nature of reality.

Venue: Gallery at Grand Provence, Franschhoek. Tel: (021) 8678600.
Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm daily
Price: -
Performances: 14 Aug - 8 Sep 2011
Genre: Art