Entertainment Art "Making Faces" Exhibition at Rose Korber Art

"Making Faces" Exhibition at Rose Korber Art

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Making Faces Exhibition at Rose Korber Art

Making Faces features work by contemporary South African artists who draw on the tradition of portraiture, and is presented in a variety of media from the 1950s to today.

Exhibiting artists include William Kentridge, Jurgen Schadeberg, Richard Smith, Zwelethu Mthethwa, Sam Nhlengethwa, Robert Slingsby, Anthony Lane, Claudia Schreuders, Diane Victor, Georgia Lane and Hanneke Benade.

According to Korber, with the invention of the camera, the concept of portraiture was totally revolutionized and painting was concurrently released from its documentary role. ‘This did not see the end of the depiction of the human form, however’, she adds ’as both the traditional and the new media tended to be put to use for the purposes of portraiture’.

‘Today, with the Internet, mass media and the moving image all streaming simultaneously, portraiture continues to penetrate ever more deeply into our everyday experience.  The phenomena of social media platforms (and Facebook, in particular) exemplify our current obsession with our own image.’

Making Faces is currently on show at Rose Korber Art, 48 Sedgemoor Road, Camps Bay, Cape Town. Gallery hours are Monday - Friday 9am to 5 pm. Making Faces closes on 31 October 2012.  For further information call Rose Korber or Valerie Botha on 021 438 9152.