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Wilderness Holiday Accommodation

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In Wilderness you are spoilt for choice and price range when it comes to holiday accommodation – with everything from backpackers to a boutique five star hotel to choose from.

On the budget end of the scale you can stay at the local backpackers in Wilderness, or some of the self-catering units scattered through the village or in the Wilderness National Park. There are also a number of bed and breakfast, lodges, apartments and beach houses to choose from. Pricing will very much depend on the size of the house, facilities and proximity to the beach or views.

Visitors to Wilderness will be able to find holiday accommodation right on the beach, in the village centre or in the Outeniqua Mountains with sweeping views of the Wilderness beach and the ocean. We we’re very fortunate to find a great pet friendly house on the Dunes in Wilderness –you literally just opened the back door and walk straight onto the beach!

To find your ideal accommodation in Wilderness, call the Wilderness Tourism Office on (044) 877 0045

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