Things to do in Wilderness

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Wilderness is the perfect place to relax… or get an adrenaline rush!

Here's our list of things to do if you're on holiday in Wilderness:

Visit the Wilderness National Park. Aside from hiking trails, visitors can also go canoeing, mountain biking, abseiling, fishing, birding and paragliding. The Wilderness National park has five one-day hiking trails, varying in length and duration. The shortest is the Woodville Forest Walk which is 3kmlaong and takes about 30 min, while the Pied Kingfisher is the longest at 10-11km and takes about 4 hours to complete.

Go for frequent, long walks on the beach. Enough said. It's great for the soul. And calf muscles.

Have cocktails at Selinas Restaurant and Sails in the Views Hotel.  Both have gorgeous views of the ocean but from opposite sides of the beach. Selinas has more of a comfy and cosy family vibe, while Sails has chic, wall to ceiling glass windows and trendy cocktail bar.

Go on a 4x4 trail. Bejane 4x4 have a concession in the Knysna National Park and take you on a guided tour of the forest which includes stops for coffee and lunch. The tour is really educational – you get a walky-talky in your car and the guide will explain the history and ecosystem of the Knysna Forest while you drive. There are also several stops where you get to walk around and look at specific sights. The trail is quite easy going and would be suitable to most soft roaders.

Take a drive out to the Map of Africa lookout point. You’ll get amazing views of the entire beach and the lakes behind the dunes.

Another great drive is the Seven Passes Road, which offers great views and heads towards Knysna, but just be careful as the road is mostly gravel and quite narrow.

Have dinner at Pomodoros Restaurant. The décor is quant Italian, the food is great and the staff really friendly.  

Go dolphin or whale watching. The best time to see them is between July and October, but unfortunately we didn’t see any.

For more ideas of things to do in the Wilderness, call the Wilderness Tourism Office on (044) 877 0045

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