Restaurants in Wilderness

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Despite its size, Wilderness has a surprisingly varied selection of restaurants serving great food at great prices.

Here’s a selection of restaurants we came across during our holiday:

Flava Café, George St, (just past the stop street entering the Village) Tel: (044) 877 0345
Foursquare recommendations: The Caesar salad, chicken and Bacon Ciabatta, gnocchi

Salina’s Beach Restaurant, (just off the N2 on the right hand side going towards Knysna) Tel: (044) 877 0001
Foursquare Recommendations: Strawberry daiquiri, on the deck cocktail, curry

Pomodoro: Heading into the village turn right at the stop street, it’s on your left after the second stop street) Tel: (044) 877 1403
Foursquare Recommendations: Cheesecake, Quattro Stagiona pizza

Blue Olive: You’ll find it under a large old Milkwood tree and right opposite Pomodoro. A great bonus is that they offer free wireless Tel: (044) 877 0731
Foursquare Recommendations: Great Tapas

Cocomo Restaurant: Right opposite Pomodoro Restaurant. Tel: (044) 877 0808
Foursquare Recommendations: Happy hour, 2 cocktails for the price of one, pizzas

The Girls Restaurant: 1 George Rd, Tel: (044) 877 1648
Foursquare Recommendations: Prawns

Hope you enjoy!

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