Entertainment Art "Didn't Want to be your Ghost" by Natasja Maria Fourie

"Didn't Want to be your Ghost" by Natasja Maria Fourie

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The exhibition hangs like a poem of photographs in which Fourie explores her personal curiosities and fears and offers the viewer insight into a collection of intimate moments.

Gravitating towards content that scrutinizes the complexities of companionship, intimacy and the vulnerability of the human body, Fourieís images capture how we share our thoughts, feelings, lives and bodies. Fourie and her subjects are at times perfumed with a spray of sentiment, emotion, fantasy, and in other instances they are stripped raw, reflecting realties of decay, mortality and ruin.

"Didn't Want to be your Ghost" is a brave exhibition that exposes the photographer to the voyeurs gaze; itís a poetic self portrait of a young woman exploring her reality.

The exhibition opens at the AVA in Church St on 7 May and closes at 13:00 on 1 June 2012