Entertainment Art Africa without Borders by Adolf Tega

Africa without Borders by Adolf Tega

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Africa without Borders depicts the systems that process migrants, how the individuals survive and how they integrate into societies foreign to them.

The use of materials is symbolic; the textures on the painted surface are created with soil, referencing the myth, that when one goes into foreign lands, one must lick the soil as a sign of acceptance. The spirits of these lands will then secure the individual from all foreign ills.

Also on show is an installtion by Maurice Mbikayi "My Digital Space". According to the artist "I’m dragged into a virtual world of codes daily. There in that valley, an irresistible fascination and a whispering concern, transforms me into something alien - battling my digital demons. Every day is inevitably tiring; I click, type and enter this world. Suddenly I’m surrounded by an overwhelming invasion of aliens. I backspace; try to shift, but their mobility and fashionable grip on me Ctrl my moves. Then I pause - break, try to upgrade my hits: 1, 2, 3. But the aliens inject me with their multiple insidious diseases. I slowly contract some insane after effect experiences: Speed dial moves, focus on subjects, zoom in, zoom out, click on this , click on that - Bluetooth into the brain, just couldn’t get my senses. I twitted, I tagged; it became worse. Before I realized it, I was a half alien, locked up in the “Silly Valley”, googling my dreams to be one of them, with my Negro skin suffering the hypodermic injections of their insatiable grid.

"Remerge" by Kitty Dorje is a body of work dealing with the ever shifting aspects of personal life, things merging with and emerging from one another, as well as the positive and negative connotations inherent in this flux. The drawn mark allows Dorje an outlet for the emotional turmoil that was processed during a time of the loss of a love relationship. The work was not conceptualised beforehand but emerged through the process and the cathartic act of drawing.