Entertainment Art Roger Ballen/Die Antwoord at Photographers Gallery

Roger Ballen/Die Antwoord at Photographers Gallery

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Roger Ballen/Die Antwoord features photographs from Die Antwoord’s I fink u freeky music video directed by Roger Ballen and Ninja

Also included are photographs from Roger Ballen's Shadow Chamber and Outland series which were an inspiration to the band.

When we first discovered your work a few years ago our minds got totally blown and we have never been the same since. I remember clearly that when me and ninja saw your photographs we decided right there and then to put an end to all the music and art we had been working on up till that point. Immediately we began working on a new project called DIE ANTWOORD.

(Extract from an email sent to Roger Ballen from Yo-landi, October 12, 2010 6:03:57)

Roger Ballen/Die Antwoord opens at the Photographers Gallery za,63 Shortmatket St, Cape Town, on the 18th of September and closes on 27 October