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Heritage Day at the Purple Turtle

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Heritage day is around the corner and with Spring in full swing, we are really celebrating the splendour of Cape Town in all its glory!

The sunny days, amazing sunsets and just the perfect time of the year to beg you out of hibernation for a bit. September is also the month of the Loerie Awards and like they say “Die Kaap is weer Hollands”(“The Cape’s gone Dutch” for the British) , with the ad-industry gurus walking around town and obviously down our “old faithful” Long Street as it is where you can see, hear and experience all. A street rich with culture and diversity!

Heritage day also brings all our cultures together to celebrate it in our collective styles. Some “BRAAI”, some go to the beach and then you have the other bunch that just jams it to music! A very diverse and talented bunch I have to admit. In Cape Town we have seen, experienced and nurtured some of the best acts in the country if not the world. Is it because of the “MOUNTAIN”? Is this the reason why creativity is at its peak in this lovely city? Well we will never know!

What we do however know, is that Heritage day will be celebrated in true Cape Town style with possibly the best line-up this year at the iconic and very colourful Purple Turtle on Green Market Square!  The line consisting out of Taxi Violence, Reburn, Saintfearless, iScream and the Chocolate Stix and The Mysticcs would most probably leave you on your knees with appreciation because of the excitement and vibrance from all these acts.

Taxi Violence:
Taxi Violence has travelled a long and independent road to proving themselves as one of the best live acts in South Africa. Their sound can be described as blues-infused retro rock with a pinch of sleaze and bourbon for good measure. Since their inception, Taxi Violence has gone on to rock every significant venue and major festival in South Africa, as well as taking their unique brand of rock and quality live shows abroad Germany to Holland and Berlin. They have also supported a vast number of internationally acclaimed stars including Billy Talent, 3 Doors Down and, Evanescence and Powderfinger to name a few. They are also destined to be seen on stage as supporting act for local International band Seether on the 16th of December!

This group has made an impression on the Indie Rock scene in and around Cape Town and South Africa with its frenetic, energetic style that packs all the best known venues with loyal fans and followers of live music alike. The band has a vibrant, upbeat sound that is infectious every time they take the stage. They are led by two Scotsmen from Glasgow, bringing the energy of "British Indie Rock" with them to every track.

They proud themselves that they aim to please. That they surely do as Saintfearless captivates the attention of all when they get on stage! Recently performed at Rocking the Daisies and Oppikoppi festivals, you can definitely bet you money in your wallet that Saintfearless are going places with their youthful but serious attitude when they get on stage! These boys mean business.

iScream and the Chocolate Stix:
Now talk about happy music, well this is just that! iScream and the Chocolate Stix got onto the music scene quicker than Mary Poppins could sing “supercalifragilisticexpiadocious”! The Cape Town Pop-Rock sensation’s timing were absolutely immaculate with the launch of their first single “My Cape Town” during the FIFA world cup hosted in South Africa in 2010. They currently have their second single “Skitzo” also on rotation on 5FM!

The Mysticcs:
A very new 3 piece Blues-Rock outfit that might make you think that Jimmy Hendricks has been reincarnated in front man Ebi Johnstone! It will also be a tribute set to this legend as it is 40 years this month since  he has passed on. The Mysticcs portray old school rock with a modern edge that sets them apart from other bands. They are the kind of band that will make you grab that first pint and cheers them with hands in the air for just one hell-of-a ride!

Venue: The Purple Turtle, Green Market Square.  Tel: (021) 424 0811 or call Marius on 0767557499
Peformances: 24 Sep 2011